The Numerology of 2018: Your Personal Year

I’ve had an interest in numerology for a long time and because the numerology of both 2017 and 2018 offer great insights into the current dynamics and what many are experiencing I thought I would share some thoughts about it.

On February, 2018 ACM I did Part 1 of this 2-part series: “The Numerology of 2018” discussing how the numerology sets a certain agenda for 2018 in a more global way.

Here in March I’m going into explore “Personal Years” which offer you insights as to how you will be impacted at more personal levels.

A quick recap…
According to numerology each year carries a particular vibration which is determined by adding up the numbers of the year.

There are two primary ways to do this:

#1 Universal Year (which I discussed on February ACM): This tells us something about the over-arching energies of the year impacting us all.

How to calculate the Universal Year:
>2018 is 2+0+1+8 equaling 11 and then add 1+1=2.

#2 Personal Year (discussed here): This gives you information that is more specific to you and what you can expect and lookout for in the current year.

How to calculate your Personal Year:
>Add your month and day of birth to the current year, like this: Birth month + day of birth + current year = Your Personal Year

Using June 9th as an example:
6 (June being the 6th month of the year) + 9 (day) +2+0+1+8 (year) = 26 then add 2 + 6 which = 8. So for someone born on June 9th in 2018 their personal year number would be 8.

NOTE: Your Personal Year number takes affect on January 1st but becomes stronger at your birthday. Until your birthday the energies of last year and the current can overlap, hence it’s good to calculate and read both this and last year’s Personal Year numbers.

Some of the ways your Personal Year number can help you navigate the year:

  • What your primary focus and priorities are for the year in a general sense.
  • What to consider as you go through the year.
  • What you may be over-looking and that needs some attention.
  • How, by taking into account the energies that the number indicates, you can better align with the cosmic forces in play.
  • What qualities to pay extra attention to that resonate with your Personal Year #.
  • In some ways what things NOT to emphasize or place too much focus on.
  • How to better grasp and explain what IS happening in your life.
  • And how to better understand others.

Further in considering the numerological vibration of your personal year, another layer or piece is added to what is going on astrologically for these are reflections of the Universal frequencies present (you’ll see that each number also resonates with a planet just as the Tarot cards do). When the symbolism of the Tarot is added it offers a clearer picture of what the cosmic vibrations are.


Your Personal Year: The Numbers!

 Please note that each number resonates with a corresponding planet, again linking the various modalities. Also, I’m not giving everything that is on the PDF and the website on the audio, but rather a couple of things so you can get a feel for your number and then read more on the site/PDF:

ONE (The Sun):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Independence, originality, courage, determination, being true to yourself; cultivating new identities that resonate with who you truly are inside. Avoid being careless, impulsive or reckless.

Possible this year: New pathways and avenues for originality and self-expression emerge. You get in touch with what truly motivates and has meaning to you.

Spiritually this may be a year of initiation and embarking upon new paths of study.

KEYS: New beginnings are likely to occur in at least one area of your life. Don’t let opportunities pass you by! You may find yourself in a leadership role.

TWO (The Moon):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Cooperation, collaborations, order, balance. Building on what began in the previous year. Avoid extremes of any kind and don’t hesitate to ask for support. Conversely avoid going overboard in your support of others and becoming drained.

Possible this year: New supportive relationships and partnerships enter your life and some existing ones may be exiting your life. You begin to get a sense of your true potential.

Spiritual focus: Divine order. Connecting to your higher self. Spiritual integrity. Developing intuition.

KEYS: Creating more rhythm in your life is important this year and a key to success. Seek out supportive relationships. The choices you make this year will impact you for a long time-choose carefully!

THREE (Venus):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Creativity, cleverness, enthusiasm, joy, harmony. Avoid becoming distracted by too many choices!

Possible this year: Widening your support and social circle. Expressing yourself through the arts and/or creativity. Having more fun!

Spiritual focus: Becoming interested in the various ways the Universal Trinities express through creation (such as mind-body-spirit and spirit-matter-etheric).

KEYS: Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Follow your passion and what brings you joy!

FOUR (Saturn):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Stability, efficiency, bolstering your foundation, organization within your environment. Being reliable and focused. Staying with the task at hand. Avoid being stubborn.

Possible this year: Establishing a greater sense of security in your life. Seeing the fulfillment of tasks/projects you began 1-3 years ago. Feeling more stable.

Spiritual focus: Seeing how discipline and routine play a role in spiritual development.

KEYS: Don’t overdo but rather utilize what you’ve gained in the last 3 years to create something solid. Be responsible for what you create/do. Take things a step at a time.

FIVE (Mars):
Qualities/areas to focus on: You’ve arrived at a crossroad. Embrace flexibility, positive change, growth in new directions. Avoid being impulsive, erratic or going backward.

Possible this year: Moving, considering new options or avenues. Travel.

Spiritual focus: Attuning to the movement of natural cycles. Embracing the principle of expansion.

KEY: Things are changing…stay open (and seek out) new opportunities and options. Five years can be both challenging and exciting as many things intersect in your life.

SIX (Jupiter):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Expansion of your range, scope and influence, community, merging, being part of a group (family, friends, peers, etc.). Desire to find “home” and to belong is strong. Avoid isolation and going it alone.

Possible this year: Becoming a part of a strong and supportive community. Advancing in some tangible way.

Spiritual focus: Learning to trust-others-yourself-Spirit. Nurturing these brings a greater sense of belonging.

KEY: This may be a rather complex time with a lot of different things going on. Very active year!

SEVEN (Mercury):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Maturing, mastery, reflections, studying and learning, development of higher principles. Don’t avoid those things you know you must do to evolve or you may become stagnant.

Possible this year: Advancement of your inner character. Greater understanding of higher truth. Spending time alone renews and is deeply rejuvenating. Getting in touch with what really matters to you.

Spiritual focus: Finding your purpose. This is a very spiritual oriented number. Inner work produces results. Developing intuition and opening the channels to the higher realms.

KEY: There may be tests or limitations. Ask for guidance and help from the higher realms. You may be drawn to taking a sabbatical or retreat(s).

EIGHT (The Sun and Uranus):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Success, finances/abundance, manifestation. Avoid spreading yourself too thin and becoming overconfident.

Possible this year: Opportunities that lead to success arise; finances improve. Bringing ideas and projects that you’ve been working on out into the world.

Spiritual focus: Owning who you are and what your true potential is. Developing genuine authenticity and sharing it with the world.

KEY: Important to have a plan for success and then staying with it until you’ve reached your goal. Utilize what you’ve learned in the past several years.

NINE (Venus and Neptune):
Qualities/areas to focus on: Completion of past projects/efforts. Clear out what is no longer needed. Decluttering. Avoid forcing things or “pushing the river!”

Possible this year: Things end/wrap up. You may be drawn towards a simpler life…one that has space for those things that have true meaning to you.

Spiritual focus: Gaining an understanding of the cycles of life. The Universal Logos. Practicing unconditional love by opening your heart to the Cosmic Heart.

KEY: Letting go of what appears to be leaving your life anyway is advised. Allow the wheel of life to turn. Clear the slate and then wait patiently for the next cycle to begin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed journeying into the world of numerology.
May you travel In Light…always,

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