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When you discover how the astrological events that are currently taking place, every day, are impacting you and your life, you can take charge and make decisions that will help to align you with those energies, creating more of a flow with the natural Universe.

This is what AstroCurrents Monthly (ACM) is about, a unique guide that will empower you with insights and information, without being an Astrologer yourself, in an enlightening and comprehensive way utilizing Astrology in your everyday life.

With ACM, you will gain insights into:

  • When the most dynamic times are each month, with keys for how to best navigate those energies to your advantage.
  • What to expect throughout the month, empowering you to make key decisions and then take the appropriate action.
  • How to best attune to and flow with the energies at play, resulting in greater results, yet with less stress and effort. Engaging these energies in positive, constructive ways is easy to do when you know how.
  • Most importantly, you will gain insights as to why certain things occur. What is the Universe intending/indicating here? What is the higher expression for the events taking place? On ACM you will gain understandings into these very things.
  • We were given the power of choice as to how to react to and engage the energies and events that take place in our lives. And a key to really gaining benefits from Astrology is this: There are lower and higher expressions possible for every Astrological event, sign, aspect and planet and on ACM I will discuss these, empowering you to choose “the higher road.”

What Is Astro Currents?

Astro Currents (ACM) is an informative overview of the Astrological events that take place each month, such as the New and Full Moons, Mercury retrograde and lots more, providing  you with helpful tools and inspiring insights into the subtle yet very real celestial energies which impact us all.

ACM is geared towards the novice, and is available each month in either audio (MP3) or written (PDF) format (see below for more info.)

ACM is a unique report created each month (it is NOT a computer report) by Astrologer Elizabeth Jones, who has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years and who originally was mentored by her Grandfather, Ralph Jones, an Astrologer and Metaphysician.

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